“At a very fragile time in my life, I started meeting with Claire, and I know it wasn’t by accident. By empathetic listening and graciously speaking truth, she invites you to be real with yourself and have the courage to continue walking on this hard but necessary path of healing. I hope each person that crosses her path leaves feeling as encouraged and hopeful as I did after my time with Claire.”

“Claire was always so patient with me and really helped me work through a lot of things during our time together. By the end of our sessions I was truly able to see a difference in the way I reacted to trying situations and she gave me many tools to help me with my anxiety, even as a stressed college student.”

“As a college student struggling with an eating disorder, I was desperately seeking someone to help me sort through and figure out the mess that I was in and trying so hard to get out of. As I began to meet with Claire in weekly counseling sessions, my mindset slowly started to change. She aided me in understanding how to think through my emotions so that I could understand how I was feeling and why, which helped me to stop my destructive behavior. She reminded me of who I am in Christ and how to cope with my circumstances by going to Him rather than my sin. I am so grateful for all that Claire taught me during our counseling sessions!”

“Claire is such an understanding and kind person, which made it much easier to be vulnerable in a counseling session.  She helped me see connections in seemingly unrelated problems in my life, and highlighted areas that I could take control over to make positive changes. Because of my time meeting with Claire, I grew so much spiritually, especially in truly understanding God’s grace in my failures.  She offered encouragement during a difficult time in my life, and consistently reminded me of truths that have remained with me even after my sessions ended.”

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